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  • Because of mandates and regulations from the government asking for 'social distancing', we are currently on a standby for all things Shooting Stars. Please stay patient, safe, and smart. We are always staying knowledgable and up-to-date on what's going on so we will be ready to reconvene when the time comes. Thank you!



Gear Pickup!

SUNDAY, 3/15/20

3:00 - 5:00 PM

Church of the Holy Apostles

1225 Grand Pkwy Katy, Tx

We have received a big shipment of the gear. It is only backpacks, shoes, and socks. Jerseys are in printing and should be coming in within this week! Some of you ordered shoes, that ultimately ended up not being available unfortunately so please just be aware of that. If there was a cost difference we will reflect that on your next payment.

Upcoming practices & tournaments!

With the concern of the Coronavirus growing, and the shut down of school districts and facilities. We will not be able to practice at Seven Lakes Jr High, or anywhere else for that matter. 

Along with that it seems as if we will not be participating in our scheduled first tournament, RCS Sports Spring IceBreaker. The virus has been found in various counties around Houston so we feel it is in our best interest to adhere to our government and stay away from large crowds, etc. We will try to make up this tournament down the road at another open date.

Please continue to check your emails as this entire process is very day-to-day.


If you need more proof of what we do check out this video of all our CURRENT players actively participating at the next level!


Girls 17u

14u RED Boys

Girls 15u


Girls 13u

13u Boys

15u & 16u Boys

17u Boys

2020 Season...

Katy Shooting Stars is  highly regarded throughout the city of Houston as one of the premier independent AAU organizations. We have 34 players who are currently competing at the college level; and 40+ including those who exclusively train with us! Along with more who have already finished their collegiate careers. These types of numbers are rare and equally rival those of shoe sponsored teams!  Majority are freshmen and sophomores so we anticipate that number to keep rising very quickly in the upcoming years!

Shooting Stars prides itself on development, trusting YOUR process, and staying the course through all adversity and triumphs.  Most of all molding the individual into a well-rounded, wholesome, contributing member of society. 

Our founder, Stephon Leary is one of, if not the ONLY, AAU coach around that has experience as a Head Division 1 and Head Division 2 basketball coach, NBA agent, and multiple state championships as a high school head coach.  This type of experience is unmatched - and with it comes a LONG list of relationships and connections that he uses to help get our players exposure, and ultimately put players in position to achieve their dreams.